Welcome to the Teddy Bear Tales

Teddy Bear Adventures Ahead!
The battle for bedtime has begun! It is said Teddy Bears and Cuddly Toys are a child’s greatest protector and champions of imagination. When a child goes to sleep these Cuddly Defenders watch over them to protect and scare away Boogeyman and the Monsters under the bed… Adventures Ahead!!!

A Teddy Bear Tale - The Story Of A Teddy Bear Protecting His Boy From The Monsters Under The Bed

A Teddy Bear Tale – $9.99
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Unconditional - A Teddy Bear Adventure Graphic Novel By Nick Davis | Art by Dan Nokes

Unconditional – $24.99
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Tristan The Teddy Bear And The Cuddly Defenders - Out Of The Attic Adventure

Out Of The Attic – $14.99
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Teddy Bear Action Comics By Nick Davis

Action Comics – $14.99
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The Teddy Bear Tales and the Cuddly Defenders created by Nick Davis are a series of all-ages illustrated and comic books stories telling the adventures of Tristan the Teddy Bear, his friends the Cuddly Defenders, the Cuddly Ninjas and the Superhero Cuddly Toy Hero Ted.