Unconditional Hugs 001.1 – Little Lost Bear – the comic strip about a Teddy Bear and his Boy

February 13, 2014 ComicFunNewsThe Adventures of Tristan the Teddy BearUnconditional HugsUnconditionl Hugs  One comment

Welcome to the new Teddy Bear Tales Webcomic Series Unconditional Hugs, a traditional comic strip of Tristan’s early years with his boy. Unlike Tristan Goes to the Moon which was a full color page by page webcomic, I am going for the black and white cartoon look that you found every day in your newspaper.

Unconditional Hugs was born of an art challenge I gave myself to draw a comic strip featuring Tristan the Teddy Bear. It had to be four panels and be a self-contained story, here is what I came up with:

Tristan the Teddy Bear Unconditional Hugs - First Strip

Tristan the Teddy Bear Unconditional Hugs – First Strip by Nick Davis

I’m not going to try to hide the Calvin and Hobbes influences, it is no secret that I am a huge fan of what is perhaps the most beat perfect sequential story ever written, but Unconditional Hugs is very much going to be its own thing.

There we will be adventure, suspense, comedy, Monsters under the Bed, buddy moments and one little Teddy Bear who takes looking after his little boy very seriously.

So, welcome onboard… Hugs ahead!