Unconditional Hugs 046.1- Cartoon Meta – a comic strip about a Teddy Bear and his Boy

November 5, 2014 ComicThe Adventures of Tristan the Teddy BearUnconditional HugsUnconditionl Hugs  No comments

Unconditional Hugs, the comic about a Teddy Bear and his BoyThis week in Unconditional Hugs we go Meta, as Tristan and his Boy settle down to read the Sunday Funnies. You remember those, right?

That 12 page pull out that came with the Sunday papers that contained half-page cartoon strips of our favorite characters like Calvin and Hobbes, the Peanut Gang or Hager the Horrible.

Who Is In The Comic Book?

Our to buddies are sitting down and reading their funnies, scattered around are a couple of interesting indie titles, and within the pages of their Sunday Funny are a couple of popular cartoon strips.

The two graphic novels laying on the floor are;

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