Hero Ted: Terror In The Sand Pit Page Eight (Escape?)

January 6, 2016 ComicHero TedUpdate  No comments

Hero Ted, The Teddy Bear Superhero Saving The World Before BedtimeAnd we are back… Happy New Year!!! Did everyone have a great holiday? As with many things it both too short and too long all at the same time… Now on with the story!

When we last left Hero Ted he got caught in a Sand Blast from the Sand Pit Monster as he tried to calm the Monster down. Would he escape harm or get swallowed by the tide of sand?

Let’s Talk About The Art A Second

Did you like the effect I used for showing Hero Ted trapped in the sand? I penciled the outline of Hero Ted, then used a series of lines to fill in the limbs and head. The effect gives the impression that Hero is being swept away as the sand covers him up.

Don’t Forget

To leave your thoughts about Hero Ted in the comment section below, let us know what you think will happen next? Or give us your ideas for Hero Ted stories, don’t be shy… This web comic is for you all to enjoy and share, so please make a noise 😉


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