Hero Ted: Terror In The Sand Pit Page Nine (Fly Away!)

January 13, 2016 ComicHero TedUpdate  No comments

Hero Ted, the Superhero Teddy Bear saving the world before bedtime

Welcome to page nine of the Adventures Of Hero Ted: Terror In The Sand Pit. After being trapped in the Sand Pit Monsters sand blast Hero Ted knows he cannot stop the Monster with brawn alone… But what is a Superhero Teddy Bear to do?

Hero Ted Trivia 

Did you know that this panel was one of the first I illustrated for Hero Ted? It was drawn as a concept illustration just to see if I could reproduce the look I wanted for our Superhero Teddy Bear.

I guess something clicked because it settled the look for the Sand Pit Monster and Hero Ted.

I still have a third of this story to tell, so hang on in there Hero Ted Fans I know he will figure out how to stop the Sand Pit Monster!

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Hero Ted - The Superhero Teddy Bear

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