Hero Ted: Terror In The Sand Pit Page Twelve (Warned You)

February 3, 2016 ComicHero Ted  No comments

Hero Ted, the Superhero Teddy Bear saving the world before bedtime

The Terror In The Sand Pit Continues, but it looks like Hero Ted now has the upper hand and might be able to end the crisis with the Sand Pit Monster… That’s if the Monster will listen to him.

The Sand Pit fight is the high point of the story and while it makes for quick reading I feel I’ve been drawing it for a couple of months now. As I push out a page a week (work/life schedule allows) I guess I’ve been working on this section for almost two months now… I don’t mind it has certainly helped me grow my art skills and I feel much more confident drawing his adventures than I did right at the beginning of this project.

The End Is Nigh

Yes, you’ve read that right… This current Hero Ted story is nearly run and I thank you for hanging with me and reading away. The numbers have been steadily growing over the last couple of weeks so I must be doing something right… Hope y’all hang with me to the end 🙂

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