Hero Ted: Terror In The Sand Pit Page Fourteen (Explanation)

February 17, 2016 ComicHero Ted  No comments

The Sandpit MonsterWelcome to Hero Ted, the Terror In the Sand Pit web comic and the penultimate page in this adventure story. Now Hero Ted has got the Sand Pit Monster to calm down, perhaps now we can learn why he was so upset? The explanation is so simple it is sad… Poor lil’Monster… Do you think Hero Ted can help him?

Now The End Is Near

We are very close to finishing off this Hero Ted story and closing the book on first set of stories featuring this Teddy Bear Superhero. It has been a journey for me, each page I grew more confident in telling the story and I think the evolving style will be a boon for pulling in the younger readers these stories are aimed at.

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As ever you can leave your thoughts in the comment section below, don’t be shy… Hero Ted reads each and everyone of them 😉


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