Hero Ted: Terror In The Sand Pit Page Fifteen (What Would You Do?)

February 24, 2016 ComicHero Ted  No comments

Hero Ted, the Superhero Teddy BearHey Teddy Bear Fans, welcome to the very last page of the Hero Ted adventure Terror In The Sand Pit and thank you for joining me on this journey in Teddy Bear Superheroics. It looks like Hero Ted is going to resolve this conflict in true classic Superman style, leaving us with the question, ‘What do you think should happen next?’

Something Special

Drawing the Hero Ted comic was something very special for me and first real attempt at a multi-age, multi-panel comic book story. I have learned a lot drawing this book and it has helped me grow my drawing style and storytelling ability.

What Is Next?

I have an idea to try something a little unique with Hero Ted and hope to be able to announce it soon. I hope y’all come onboard as it will help unlock the next storytelling step for the Teddy Bear Tales.

Leave Your Comments

Don’t forget to leave you comments below and let me know what you thought about Hero Ted, the Superhero Teddy Bear out to save the world before bedtime.

Thank you all for reading.


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