Hero Ted And The Cuddly Defenders Free Comic Book Day Proof Arrives

April 22, 2016 EventFunNews  No comments

Hero Ted And Cuddly Defender Free Comic Book Day Comic Book

Got a surprise in the mail today, the Hero Ted Comic Book Proof arrived today and it looks pretty cool, you can see it paired with the Cuddly Defenders Free Comic Book Day Book that arrived with it.

Cuddly Defenders Free Comic Book Day Comic BookI’ve reviewed the book and its error free, and while I have one tiny tweak Hero Ted is on course to be released for Free Comic Book Day – May 7. If you want to reserve your copy you can Pre-Order it here.

Free Comic Book Day

On May 7, (or Free Comic Book Day) I will be at the Collectors Corner, Bel Air store from opening to 4pm and I will be bringing an exclusive Cuddly Defenders Free Comic Book. There will be a very limited quantity of this book available and each one will come with a exclusive Sketch Card Print of one of the Cuddly Defenders, drawn by the Cuddly Defenders Creator Nick Davis, attached to the cover.

The only way you will be able to pick up this book is be at the Collectors Corner, Bel Air Store for Free Comic Book Day!

Cuddly Defenders Sketch Card Gallery

These Cuddly Hero Sketch Card Prints will be available exclusively as Bonus Cover Gifts with the Cuddly Defenders FCBD Comic Book. Here is what to expect.

Look forward to seeing y’all on May 7!