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Buy The Comic Today And Support The Teddy Bear Tale Awakenings On Webtoons

April 25, 2017 News  No comments

A Teddy Bear Tale: Awakenings

A Teddy Bear Tales: AwakeningsA Teddy Bear Tale: Awakenings
Story by Nick Davis | Art by Veronica Smith

Did you know that your Teddy Bear has a secret? While you sleep at night your Cuddly Toy watches over you keeping you safe from the Bogeyman and his Legion of Monsters under the bed. This is the story of one such Teddy Bear called Tristan, and this is his Teddy Bear Tale… Adventures ahead!

A Teddy Bear Tale: Awakenings is an ongoing webtoons based off the Teddy Bear Tale illustrated story and is available to read on Line Webtoon, this adventure comic features Tristan the Teddy Bear and Wilma Bunny as they encounter the Monsters under the Bed for the very first time...

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For Your Consideration On Kickstarter – The Hero Ted Comic Book: Origins

March 1, 2016 News  No comments

Hero Ted - the Superhero Teddy Bear

Are you a fan of Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders? Then I have some great news for you… Hero Ted: Origins Comic Book Kickstarter Has Launched today!!! Check it out at

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Hero Ted: Terror In The Sand Pit Page Fourteen (Explanation)

February 17, 2016 ComicHero Ted  No comments

Hero Ted, the Superhero Teddy Bear Out To Save The World Before Bedtime

The Sandpit MonsterWelcome to Hero Ted, the Terror In the Sand Pit web comic and the penultimate page in this adventure story. Now Hero Ted has got the Sand Pit Monster to calm down, perhaps now we can learn why he was so upset? The explanation is so simple it is sad… Poor lil’Monster… Do you think Hero Ted can help him?

Now The End Is Near

We are very close to finishing off this Hero Ted story and closing the book on first set of stories featuring this Teddy Bear Superhero. It has been a journey for me, each page I grew more confident in telling the story and I think the evolving style will be a boon for pulling in the younger readers these stories are aimed at.

Leave Your Comments

As ever you can leave your thoughts in the comment section below, don’t be shy… Hero Ted reads each and everyone of them 😉

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Go, Go Robo-Ted Mecha Anime Holding The Line Against The Boogeyman

January 12, 2016 FunNewsUpdate  No comments

Go Robo Ted Go!

Robo Ted Manga Action Panel
Go, Go Robo-Ted!!! Piloted by the grim Teddy Bear LT Booyah, Robo-Ted is our last best hope against the Monster constructs of the Boogeyman…

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Calling All Teddy Bear Fans Help The Cuddly Defenders Comic Publish On Kickstarter

July 3, 2015 EventNews  No comments

Cuddly Defenders Out Of The Attic 2 KickstarterOkay Teddy Bear Fans we are down to the wire with only hours left on Kickstarter for the Cuddly Defenders Adventure Comic: Out of the Attic 2 to succeed. At time of writing we are at 70% of funding, and if we don’t clear $2000 we do not get a penny. I am asking you to help this comic win its funding on Kickstarter so we can continue the adventures of Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders as they take on the Monsters under the Bed, and thwart the evil plans of the dastardly Bogeyman. You can view and back this Kickstarter here.

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