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New Month… New Patreon Original Sketch Card Art Giveaway!

December 7, 2016 News  No comments

Tristan The Teddy Bear Sketch Card by Veronica Smith

Tristan The Teddy Bear Sketch Card by Veronica SmithHey Teddy Bear Fans, it is a brand new month on Patreon and the Teddy Bear Tale Webtoon fundraiser is giving away a new Original Art Sketch Card to one lucky Teddy Bear Tale Patron.

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The Best Place To Buy Our Books For The Holiday Season Is… Amazon!

November 23, 2016 News  No comments

A Teddy Bear Tale: Unconditional Collection

Hello Teddy Bear Fans, we are hurtling into the Holiday season and the mad rush to buy gifts begin. To help you all out, I am recommending that you use Amazon to buy my books this year. With two-day shipping, larger stock and guaranteed delivery they are your best bet to pick up a unique Alt World Studios story and to support your favorite independent small press. Plus buying a book from Amazon increases my ranking, and the higher the rank, the most people will notice my books! To make things even more easy, I’ve listed the titles available on Amazon after the jump!

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Become A Teddy Bear Tale Patron And Help The Adventure Continue

November 10, 2016 News  No comments

Become A Teddy Bear Tales Patron by backing out Patreon

Teddy Bear Tales PatreonAre you reading the Webtoon A Teddy Bear Tale? This free web comic is hosted on Line Webtoon and tells the new adventures of Tristan the Teddy Bear. This Teddy Bear adventure comic is based on the Teddy Bear Tale illustrated story and is a retelling of Tristan’s first adventures against the Monsters under the bed; you can view A Teddy Bear Tale here.

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A Teddy Bear Tale Awakenings Goes Live On Webtoon

September 14, 2016 Fun  No comments

Teddy Bear Hero On Webtoons

Awakenings - A Teddy Bear WebtoonsTa da! I would like to introduce to you all my brand new webcomic ‘A Teddy Bear Tale – Awakenings’ Live on the Webtoon. A comic book adaptation of the Teddy Bear Tale Illustrated Story Book, this never seen before story is set to publish weekly as we explore the new adventures of Tristan the Teddy Bear. View The Webtoon Here

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Preview The First Page Of The Go Go Cuddly Ninjas Comic Book

July 19, 2016 FunNews  No comments

Go Go Cuddly Ninjas - Teddy Bear Ninja Comic Book

Go Go Cuddly Ninjas - Teddy Bear Ninja Comic Book

I’ve been teasing the Cuddly Ninjas team all week on the Teddy Bear Tales Facebook page and now I am very happy to present a preview of the first page of this upcoming Webcomic…

Meet Red, Jessie and Bluey – Go Go Cuddly Ninjas!

Work In Progress

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