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Are You Reading The Webtoon A Teddy Bear Tale?

January 20, 2017 News  No comments

Tristan The Teddy Bear And Wilma Bunny Fight Monsters from under the Bed

Tristan The Teddy Bear And Wilma Bunny Fight Monsters from under the Bed

For the few months the New Adventures Of Tristan The Teddy Bear have been published on Webtoon, are you following this Teddy Bear Tale?

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A Teddy Bear Tale Awakenings Goes Live On Webtoon

September 14, 2016 Fun  No comments

Teddy Bear Hero On Webtoons

Awakenings - A Teddy Bear WebtoonsTa da! I would like to introduce to you all my brand new webcomic ‘A Teddy Bear Tale – Awakenings’ Live on the Webtoon. A comic book adaptation of the Teddy Bear Tale Illustrated Story Book, this never seen before story is set to publish weekly as we explore the new adventures of Tristan the Teddy Bear. View The Webtoon Here

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The Cuddly Ninjas Are Coming… The Cuddly Ninjas Are Coming!

June 16, 2016 Fun  No comments

The Cuddly Ninjas Taking Back The Night

The Cuddly Ninjas Taking Back The Night

The Cuddly Ninjas, living in the shadows to take back the night from the Boogeyman and his Legions of Monsters under the bed… And they are coming soon to the Teddy Bear Tales.

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Hero Ted: Terror In The Sand Pit Page Thirteen (I Talk)

February 10, 2016 ComicHero Ted  No comments

Hero Ted, the Superhero Teddy Bear Saving The Day Before Bedtime

Hero Ted, the Superhero Teddy Bear Saving The Day Before BedtimeLet’s Go Hero Ted!!! Let’s Go!!! Hello Hero Ted fans and welcome to the home straight of Terror In The Sand Pit… It finally looks like Hero has got the Sand Pit Monster to talk. Perhaps now we can find out why he is so angry?

Did You Notice?

Did you notice the transition from full page illustration to comic strip? The idea of Hero Ted is its an easy reader comic book that introduces a younger audience to comic stories. The transition is part of that process, plus my confidence in presenting stories in this format is growing.

Leave A Comment

Hero Ted loves to read your feedback, please leave your thoughts, ideas and other comments below. Thank you for reading and spread the world Teddy Bear Fans!


Hero Ted - The Superhero Teddy Bear

Own Hero Ted

Now you too can own Hero Ted and get Superhero Teddy B...
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Hero Ted – Saving the World Before Bedtime: Origins Page Five (Transformation)

October 21, 2015 ComicHero Ted  No comments

Hero Ted - A Superhero Teddy Bear out of save the world just before bedtimeHey Hero Ted Fans! Welcome to Hero Ted Origins Page Five (Transformation.) I have been waiting impatiently to show you this page because it contains two of the best pieces I have drawn for Hero Ted so far!!!

Going Dynamic

These next two panels are perhaps the most important in Hero Ted’s story showing his transformation from Teddy Bear to Superhero! I hope you like way I’ve tried to represent this with Kirby Krackle and some classic speed lines around the awesome punch panel.

As you can tell I am extremely proud of these two panels, this is Hero Ted as I see him, kind, confident and full of power.

Step By Step

Below are the stage by stage pictures I took as I created these two panels from pencil through to coloring with blended inktense Derwent Pencils...

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