Heroes & Villains

Meet the characters of a Teddy Bear Tales, a unique collection of heroes and villains wrapped up in a story about a humble little Teddy Bear’s promise to protect his child unconditionally.

The Good…

Tristan the Teddy BearTristan the Defender Teddy Bear
Once the one time companion of his boy, now left forgotten upon a shelf at the head of the bed to gather dust. A Teddy with amber eyes that never blink and worn honey colored fur.  Strong with his boys faith and confident in his skills with his shield and cardboard sword. Tristan continues his quest to protect his child, and children everywhere from the Bogeyman and his Legions of the Monsters under the bed.


Wilma BunnyWilma Bunny
A feisty slightly nutty cuddly bunny and imagination play companion to Tristan from the far off land known as Sisters bedroom. Wilma is the Pilot of the Golden Goose the cardboard plane that transports the Defenders to many an adventure. She is also a crack-shot with her slingshot and a loyal friend.


Archer BearArcher Bear
The youngest of the Defenders and eager to prove his worth to the team. He is a good shot with this bow and has a quiver full of trick arrows. Archer is resourceful and smart, but he is inexperienced and sometimes worries he isn’t as brave as the rest of the Defenders. He often finds himself in over his head by going on solo-adventures to show how brave he is.


Fernando the Mouse LionFernando the Mouse Lion
Super-smart and the technical brains of the team, Fernando is also the smallest and weakest. He keeps all the Defenders vehicles working, and there is no technical or mechanical problem he is unable to solve. It is said if you give him an elastic band and a piece of wire he could build anything. Fernando wishes he was strong and heroic, a wish that manifests itself in a very unexpected way.


Fernando the LionFernando the Lion
Brash, swashbuckling, confident, strong, the largest of the Cuddly Defenders, the most arrogant, and perhaps the most dumb as well. Fernando the Lion is almost everything Fernando the Mouse Lion wishes he was. This very heroic Lionhearted Defenders also has a huge crush on Wilma Bunny and will do anything to win her heart.


Magic O'HareMagic O’Hare
One of the oldest Cuddly Toys in the World within a World he lives in the top chamber of the Tower of Wonder (many say he was one of the original builders). Known as the Mystic Protector of Safe Harbor the council put him, much to his annoyance, in charge of the Cuddly Defenders and their missions.


Fluffy the ElephantFluffy the Merchant Captain
Fluffy the Elephant is the Merchant Captain of the Airship Orinoko. Normally he runs the merchant route to the Eastern Lands, and is a Trader in Jelly Beans and other sundries.  He will should it profit him loan his Airship to the Cuddly Defenders to transport them around the World within a World.


The Old BoggleThe Old Boggle
Boggles are a curious lot… They are Tinkerer’s by nature spending their nights going from child’s bedroom to child’s bedroom collecting discarded or unwanted toys; which they repair and pass onto deserving children.  The Old Boggle was the first ‘Monster’ under the bed Tristan ever encounters and a great help in Tristan’s adventures.


The King of MachinesKing of Machines
Built by the Boggles when they could no longer keep up with the flow of abandoned toys. The King of Machines contains the toy fixing knowledge of the Boggles and lovingly maintained by these friendly Monsters.

The Bad…

The Monsters under the BedThe Monsters under the Bed
They are the No Names, No Noses, Slobbering Slob’s, the Knockers, Blighters, Long Tongues, Lobster Klaws, Jar Heads and Silly Buggers. The Goblins, the Kobolds and Blue Skins with Bald Heads. They are the Monsters under the Bed, the Creatures that go bump in the night, the stealer of toys and the Minions of the Bogeyman.


Fluffy the Dust DragonFluffy the Dust Dragon
Once nothing but a speck of dust, the ironically named Fluffy was raised by the Bogeyman’s Monsters on Dust Bunnies. Mean, surly and totally loyal to his Master the Bogeyman. Fluffy poses a challenge to any Cuddly Defender being twice their size and with a dusty breath that ages anything it touches.


Ex CearulaEx Cearula
A Shamanic Blue Skin with Bald Head. Ex leads his ragtag band of Monsters under the Bed in a fanatical quest to revive their fallen Lord – the Bogeyman. He is super-smart, embracing the technology he finds in children’s rooms at night and shaping it to his own evil needs.


The Green Headed MonsterThe Green Headed Monster
A gigantic collection of broken toys driven by the power of jealousy to collect all the toys in the world for itself. The Green Headed Monster towers over the World within a World and was only just defeated by Tristan when unleashed his power of wonder from within.


The BogeymanThe Bogeyman
Evil as Evil can be… Meanest of the mean and the villain of a Teddy Bear Tales. The cruel cold Bogeyman is the representation of all childhood fears of the night, and of the unknown. He was defeated when Tristan tricked him into being exposed to sunlight melting his body to dust. His essence though lives on, waiting patiently for the right vessel to contain him.